Ahhhh, the first snow of the season. Winter is coming, it’s beautifully white everywhere, but the roads and traffic are a mess.

Breaking up with my all-seasons
After a lifelong commitment to all-season tires, a few years ago my husband convinced me to try a set of winter tires on my Mazda Protege5. So I did. And they completely changed my winter driving life. I couldn’t believe how much safer, steadier and calmer I felt on the road. Just the reduction in stress was worth the cost and hassle of changing my tires twice a year.

The introduction
Last Winter I bought a new VW. I couldn’t get the all-seasons off fast enough, so I started shopping around for new winter tires. Three of my co-workers (two of them women) suggested I try the Nokian “All-Weather” tire. They said I wouldn’t need to change them and that I could get them down the street from our office. So, I did. That’s the beginning of this love story.

Getting to know the Nokian “All-Weather”
“All-Weather” tires are specifically designed by innovative Finnish company Nokian for difficult driving conditions like snow, forests and other harsh or unpredictable driving conditions. The WRG2 All Weather Plus tires have a special asymmetrical design that makes the car easier to handle and safer to drive in varying weather conditions without compromising the ride quality. You can drive all year long with them. On dry roads. Wet roads. Gravel roads. Snowy roads. Icy roads. That means they are perfect for drivers anywhere, but especially perfect for us Canadian drivers.

Considering Finnish drivers have some of the most rigorous driving test standards and put out some of the world’s best rally car racers, I figure a Finnish tire company has to know what they are doing.

Another reason to fall in love with Nokian
Nokians are the only tires on the market that are made with purified oils that don’t add carcinogens to the environment; they are completely non-toxic. Nokian is also one of the few companies that wisely manages the entire lifecycle of their product—from manufacturing and materials to disposal and re-utilization. And, because their tires have a low rolling resistance, they save drivers money while reducing emissions. What’s not to love?*

Ready to fall for Nokian this Winter?
Kal-Tire is the only retailer in Canada who sells Nokian tires. They cost approximately $200/tire for a mid-size passenger car, but they are fully warrantied for 100,000 km and are serviced for life by Kal-Tire. Don’t be fooled by the cost. They are highly fuel efficient (which will save you gas money) and you won’t need to change your tires twice a year (up to $200 savings/year). That’s a better investment in the long run.

It’s rare that such a utilitarian product generates so much passion, especially amongst women. But there you go. I’m a woman who speaks more passionately about her winter tires than her winter wardrobe. It must be love.

*I firmly believe that we are now in an age where social and environmental responsibility have a direct correlation with a brand’s viability, desirability and profitability. Interestingly, Nokian is both the leader in environmentally-friendly tires and also one of the most profitable companies in their industry. This doesn’t surprise me one bit.

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  1. Kiwi says:

    I also recommend them, brilliant tire I purchased them too (and I’m not a woman).


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