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Gwone. That’s the word my husband uses when something disappears or leaves. It’s from the powerful play The Syringa Tree by playright Pamela Gien. It’s also the word I now use to describe my ovarian tumor.

Last week I got a call from my doctor confirming that the ovarian tumor that I’ve had for almost a year has disappeared. While the doctors and nurses don’t seem shocked and amazed, I am. So I started thinking about how this miracle could have happened. I’ll never forget the moment I said to myself shortly after being diagnosed, “I’m going to experiment and see if I can get rid of this thing.” Although I have no empirical evidence of what ultimately led to its departure, here are the few things I consciously included in my experiment:

  1. Expressing my creative side. As I mentioned in my Top 10 of 2010 blog, I found out ovarian tumors are related to stagnant creative energy (if you believe in that hocus pocus, which I do). So I decided it was time for me to start expressing my creative side more often. Of course that was the beginning of my blog.
  2. Taking a glutathione accelerator. Glutathione is the master anti-oxidant and it’s the destroyer of oxidative stress and free radicals (which contribute to the onset of cancer). I started taking MaxOne™ (formerly MaxGXL®) in September. I’ve noticed other tremendous health benefits since taking it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a contributing factor.
  3. Meditating and practicing visualization. I started joining my mom’s regular meditation groups and whenever I thought of it, I would practice visualizing my tumor disintegrating into fine dust then vanishing. Poof!

The doctors confirmed it wasn’t a cyst and that it was a tumor (they checked a few times just to make sure). They were planning surgery in a few years when it got big enough to take out. So, what was it? What made it go away? I can’t be sure. But, in any case, now it’s gwone.


We usually think of change as really hard work. And sometimes, it is. But sometimes, it isn’t. Here’s a story about just that.

All of my friends and family know that I haven’t eaten seafood since I was eight years old. Why? It’s a long story, so I’ll spare you the details.* But something happened last Fall when my husband offered me a piece of his fish, like he always does. It suddenly occurred to me that at the tender age of eight I made an emotional decision not to ever eat fish again and, that I continued to live by that decision even though I was now 33. That hardly made sense. Sona the adult was living by Sona the child’s fears. Within seconds, I found myself forking a bite-size morsel of salmon into my mouth vowing not to live a life that had been created by my eight-year-old self and not to let my fears get in the way of a full experience of life. The change was not only immediate, it was easy. I just didn’t want to be that person who lets life slip by because of some irrational conclusions I made as a child.

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It took me over six months to write a film review of Food Inc. for Versus Boredom (Tara Scott’s blog), so if you wouldn’t mind spending a few minutes indulging me, I’d really appreciate it. And if you are worried it will make you vegetarian, I can assure you I make no such suggestions.

While you’re there, you’ll find a few other great things:

  1. Other film and book reviews by Tara and Neil Scott. They are both sharp critics that you can trust.
  2. An inspiring and surprising blog post by Tara on an outrageous commitment she made after reading The Food Matters Cookbook.

I love going to the movies and I especially get my fill over the holidays. But every time I go to the theatre I have a battle with myself over popcorn. Let me share my latest popcorn experience with you.

The pre-movie commitment
I am off to see The Fighter and before I leave the house, my husband asks me if I am going to have popcorn. “No, I reply, “I always regret how I feel afterwards. The kernels are likely genetically modified too, which is all the more reason not to have it.” I even make a protein shake before I leave to ensure I’m not hungry so that I won’t be tempted.

Giving in to temptation
I get to the theatre, buy my ticket and before you know it, I am standing in line at the concession having a conversation with myself. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. I told myself I wasn’t going to do this.” The smell is too tantalizing to ignore. What is it about that smell that just gets me every time?! I have ample opportunity to leave the line as the guy at the till is taking FOREVER. But no, the “must-have” popcorn trance even overrides my impatience! So I order my popcorn and I shake my head in disbelief that I just paid $7.50 for a small bag. “$7.50!? Are you kidding me?!” I could have bought two jars of organic popcorn kernels for that price and had a year supply of popcorn! Apparently though, it’s still not expensive enough to stop me!

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You might already know this, but today was my last day of work at NEOVIA Financial. Giving notice a few weeks ago was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in the last four-and-a-half years, and I didn’t do it lightly, or without tears.

In the last 10 years, I’ve been lucky enough to have two teachers in my life who have taught me a lot about recognizing when it’s time to leave your job (or relationship, or friendship, or whatever). Here’s the wisdom they shared with me:

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Before you avoid this article because it has a scary title, just know that it has a happy ending.

Today a motion will be put forward at the City of Calgary Council Meeting to remove fluoride from our drinking water. While I’m pleased at the prospect of having fluoride out of our city water, my husband is ecstatic. Why? Because only a few months ago, Bruce stumbled upon a very disturbing video about the source of the type of fluoride that’s in our drinking water.

The very disturbing video
If you have a few minutes to spare, I urge you to watch the video Bruce found.


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My dear friend Sona has been an instrumental player in my business. She helped me create my brand, she was a sounding board as I developed my 7 Steps to Sound Nutrition™ program. She designed my website, my templates and my book, Journey to Optimum Wellness through Sound Nutrition. She wrote the back cover of the book and the beautiful passage about the Tree of Life.

Four months ago, Sona asked me if I would write an e-nutrition tip on natural sweeteners. The title, “How sweet it is,” came to me instantly but the rest took months to find its way. I normally don’t take requests as I like to write in moments of inspiration as opposed to feeling pressured to write on a specific topic. But, I figured it was the least I could do for all that Sona has done for me, personally and professionally. Every month I told Sona I was working on it but every month I was too blocked to complete it. I finally realized why. Like so many nutrition topics, the topic of natural sweeteners is controversial and is conflicting. It is hard to find a unified voice and straight-up facts. In fact, I have taken a hiatus from reading nutrition information lately because what I have come to realize and trust over the past eight years of practicing as a nutritionist, is that whatever you choose to eat, it ultimately comes down to what feels best for your body and to practice the age-old wisdom of “everything in moderation.”

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