I lo-lo-love London Drugs! The only thing I don’t love about them is their tagline. Not because it’s tired, untrue or generic, but because it’s doesn’t do the brand one iota of justice. It completely ignores what us loyal London Druggies feel about the brand. I think I have a much better tagline for them but before I reveal it, I’m going to tell you why I love London Drugs. You tell me if you feel the same.

Glass coffee table from London DrugsThe perfect coffee table at the perfect price
One day, I go to London Drugs and I find this amazingly gorgeous coffee table (pictured left). It’s exactly the same as one my husband and I saw in a designer store only weeks before; the only difference is that it’s 1/6th the price (and maybe it’s not real wood, but whatever). We decide to buy it. Then 2 weeks later, I’m at London Drugs again and I notice it’s now on sale for $30 less. I head to Customer Service, show them my receipt, and boom! I’m $30 richer. Just like that, no questions asked!

Kashi Autumn Wheat Whole Wheat Biscuits

$8 Kashi cereal for $4
My husband is particular about his cereal. There are only a few that he will eat and Kashi is one of them. We were spending $8/box on Kashi at Safeway. One day, while cruising the grocery aisles of London Drugs, I discover Kashi on sale from a regular price of $5.99 to $3.99. What the hell? My first reaction is to be very, very angry with Safeway for ripping me off so much. My second reaction is to buy 3 boxes right then and there. While cruising the food aisles, you’ll find all sorts of familiar brands for a lot less. I challenge you to check it out. Like Orangina? You can get it at London Drugs. Like Zhena’s Gypsy Fair Trade Organic Tea? You can get it at London Drugs. Surprised?

Earrings, perfume and lip balm
You might think this is getting ridiculous, but I might as well divulge all my cheap secrets now. I’ve been known to purchase perfume, cologne, Burt’s Bees lip balm and maybe even a pair of earrings or two from the London Drugs cosmetic and jewellery counter. ‘Nuff said.

Sloggers rubber boots from London DrugsStylishly Sloggers
I’m not going to lie to you. I had never heard of Sloggers until I saw them at London Drugs. To this day, I don’t know if it’s a good brand or a bad brand. What I know is that when I set eyes on this lovely pair of rubber boots, I had to try them on. And when I experienced the ultra comfort of these rubber boots, I had to buy them. When I tell people I got my rubber boots at London Drugs, it almost always causes their jaws to drop. The few whose jaws don’t drop just don’t believe me. Fashion is not something you expect at London Drugs … or is it!?

London Drugs, “something unexpected
My friends (you know who you are) endlessly make fun of me about spending my weekends at London Drugs. I think it’s funny too, but I can’t argue with them because it’s likely that if it’s Sunday evening, I’ve hit the neighbourhood London Drugs already. Why? Because I absolutely love being surprised by what I might find there (a Roomba, dining room chairs, Epsom salts, mayonnaise, a turquoise cardigan, an Olympus SLR). But not only am I surprised by their insanely wide variety of selection, I’m always surprised by the ease with which I can shop (they are open late and are never busy), I’m surprised by their exceedingly good customer service (they don’t question returns, they go the extra mile, they help carry stuff out if you need it) and I’m always pleasantly surprised by their low, low prices.

London Drugs, nobody does it betterWhile it’s true that nobody does it better than London Drugs, what I love most is that there’s always something unexpected at London Drugs. Hence the need for a new tagline: London Drugs, something unexpected.

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4 Responses to “London Drugs: Nobody does it better, except when it comes to their tagline!”

  1. Trudel says:

    I thought I was the only London Drugs closet addict! You remember their flagship store just down from R&C’s? If I need anything that can be possibly purchased at LD, I’ll go there and buy it, and won’t bother shopping around. Their value is great, customer service is great, and their return / sale policy rocks. BTW, Sloggers is a decent brand for that type of footwear. Andre bought me a pair of their gardening clogs about 14 years ago from a nursery, they’ve only ever been stored outside and they’re in as good a shape as the day I got them.

    • Sona says:

      OMG, Trudel, now that you mention it, I think it’s that very flagship store that introduced me to London Drugs. I remember spending weekday evenings there (while avoiding my school work). Good to hear about the lasting quality of your Sloggers. I’ve had mine for 2 years and they look and feel like new too. I also bought Bruce a pair of gardening ones and he loves them. I look forward to another 12 years!

  2. Ruby bedi says:

    This is too tempting, I may have to shift my focus from Winner’s to London Drugs for a bit.


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